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  • Is breakfast actually the most important meal of the day. Find out the truth within the Inner Circle 2.0. You will be shocked when you hear this.
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  •  What supplements actually work and which ones are a waste of   money? I go through exactly what supplements you need to take   for best results and which ones you can throw away. (Don’t   worry, there is just a handful of effective supplements that   actually have sufficient scientific evidence to support their used).
  •  Can you eat late in the day and still lose fat? I explain whether you can   do this within the membership.
  •  Do you actually have to eat immediately after your training   session for best results? I tell you a truth about this!
  •  Will sugar actually hamper your fat loss or muscle building efforts or   have you been lied to by the media? What does the science actually   say about this? I blow the lid on this huge topic in the membership   program.
  •  Get behind the scenes access to the exact programs and   nutrition targets used to get my premium online coaching clients   incredible results. Within the inner circle, you will get access to   dozens of client case studys where I show you eactly what they   did and what changes I made for them to achieve their amazing   results.
  •  Are you fed up with getting bored of a training program? Never   have that problem again as there is currently 30 unique training   program within the inner circle and my other fitness programs.
  •  Unsure about calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats? Don’t worry,   I explain in detail everything you need to know about these and ever   have a calculator inside the membership you can instantly use to   calculate the right nutrition targets for you and your goals.
  •  Don’t have many recipe ideas? Don’t panic, you will have access   to all 4 of my recipe ebooks within the membership. That’s 480   unique high protein recipes you can instantly start using.
  •  Discover why you have been lied to about clean eating and how you   can still eat some of your favourite foods and still get lean and build   muscle. 
  • FREE access to all future NEW fitness programs, courses and ebooks!
Everything sounds great, James. However, what is exactly included within the inner circle?
  • Instant access to all 12 of my fitness programs, courses and ebooks. You're going to get access to all 4 of my recipe ebooks, fat loss course, aggressive fat loss program, flexible dieting program, female fat loss program, better glutes program, no cardio fat loss program, intermittent fasting program and my muscle building course. 
  • Client case studys. Get access to case studys from my premium online coaching clients. See the exact programs they followed, the nutrition targets, what changes I made throughout the process and everything you need to know to model their success.
  • In addition to the fitness programs included, I have also got another 10 programs included within the membership. Beginner, intermediate and advanced routine. That’s 10 routines in addition to 24 routines included within my other programs. That’s 34 unique routines!!!
  • Video training's about: flexible dieting (IIFYM), pre and post workout nutrition, how to choose the right training program for you and your goals, my current and previous training routines, my personal eating schedule & how to apply it to yourself, abdominal training, supplements, gym equipment, nutrition tips and tactics, sugar, tips for eating out, when to change your training routine, rest periods, how to bust through fat loss & muscle building plateaus and much more...
  • FREE access to all future programs, ebooks and courses I create. Each time I create a new course, this will be uploaded to the members area.
  • Future educational videos going into nutrition and training in more detail with the goal of helping you lose fat or build more muscle with less stress.
  • Calorie and macro nutrient calculator.
  • And much more with frequent updates...

Here are some results below of some of my personal training and online coaching clients:

"From the very moment James & I started working together, his levels of support have been phenomenal"

"From the very moment James & I started working together, his levels of support have been phenomenal.

James works with clients is not a ‘do as I say, when I say it and don’t ask why’ approach – I feel as if I have learned an immense amount from working with James, to the point that the way I perform in the gym and through my diet will be changed long after James and I stop working together.

My prep was 18 weeks long, and in hindsight now, looking at the pictures of when I started, I am stunned at the confidence James showed in believing I could get ready for the show, as I was carrying far more weight than I thought at the time.

The prep was, at times, very draining. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally also. 

Throughout those periods James did an excellent job of keeping me focused and motivated, but was flexible enough to accommodate any changes I experienced, be it a decrease of strength (as is common during a calorie deficit like the one I followed) or a change in mood (also common).

After a long and hard 18 weeks I managed to place 3rd out of 16 Novice Heavyweights at the
BNBF Scottish. 

I would not have been able to do had it not been for the guidance, knowledge and support provided by James. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to make a positive, long-term change to the way they approach training and nutrition.”- Andy Love

"I came in one of the most conditioned athletes and which gave me my placing at my first show"

"I started working with James back in March 2016. I decided I wanted to compete at my first body building competition and knew I couldn’t do it alone. 

I was looking and found James’s Free Ebook on how to set up your own macro nutrient targets. I found this extremely informative and liked the way he was slightly different to most trainers. 

James is an evidence based trainer and no myths within the fitness industry are ever spoke about. This was exactly what I was looking for and got in touch.
We worked together for 8 months leading into my first 2 shows where I placed 5th at Pure Elite and was called forward for comparisons at Miami Pro, both Over 75 Fitness Model.
Every step of the way James was there with simple but effective training that was always being developed and adapted to my ever changing training needs. Because of this I feel I came in one of the most conditioned athletes and which gave me my placing at my first show.
Me and James now are building for shows towards the end of this year but the goal for 2017 is a Pro Card within at least one organisation if not 2 or 3.
Been an absolute pleasure and more importantly a education."- Tom Burgess
Online Client: Sean Bauer 8 week fat loss progress

"....only one week I was seeing results and all my fears demolished"

"I was a classic 'fitness class cardio addict' and was definitely working harder not smarter.

However I knew I had to change as I wasn't getting the results I wanted. As I'm a control freak I was initially apprehensive to up my calories and decrease my hours of cardio as James had prescribed, but after only one week I was seeing results and all my fears demolished.

James put together a really comprehensive but easy to follow training and nutrition plan and I've seen great results (strength and fat loss) every single week.

He was always available to rapidly answer queries/concerns via email or text. 

He gave me really positive feedback every week to keep me motivated. My only regret is that I wish I'd started training like this years ago."- Charlotte Lucas

"I have lost 8 stone 6lb and now feel so much healthier, fitter, happier and more confident"

"I was a typical overweight person looking for a quick fix and had decided that the Body by Vi Shakes was the way to go. I started my journey at the beginning of July 2013 and lost 28lbs in my 90 Day Challenge.

I then joined my local gym (30th August) and met James who taught me the errors of my ways and set me on a training and nutrition plan without using the shakes.

I now train with James twice a week and find that these sessions are more intense and more beneficial than just my gym sessions because of the support and encouragement he gives – whilst working you to your limits.

With James’ help and encouragement I have lost 8 stone 6lb and now feel so much healthier, fitter, happier and more confident.

I still have a way to go but I know that after many years of trying and not succeeding, this time I will succeed because I have found a great ally in James and with his continuous help, support and encouragement I know I will get to my goal. ‘Thanks’ doesn’t really cut it – but thank you James."- Jo-Anne Fenech
"if you are serious about getting results down the gym do not hesitate to give James a call as you won’t regret it"
"As you can see from the start photo’s I had put a bit of weight over the years!!!!

Despite being consistent in the gym and I knew that my diet was a mess and I thought that was the only problem until I started training with James.

The program that James devised for me really suited me as it let me lead a normal life it as it wasn’t too restrictive and let you choose what to eat that day as long as it fits in to your Macro’s and as you can see from the results it works, that’s not to say it was easy, as times it was quite tough as I had a lot of excess fat to lose but James was always there to support and answer any questions that I asked .

Like I said earlier as I had been a regular Gym goer for several years and thought I had some good knowledge of routines bit since I have been under James is guidance I have learnt so much more training methods and exercises as well as just the diet you really do get the whole package so if you are serious about getting results down the gym do not hesitate to give James a call as you won’t regret it." - Barry 

"I've been eating more, gaining muscle mass, recovering properly and my body fat is the lowest its ever been.. a win win situation in my eyes!!"

"I started working with James as I was worried my body wasn't recovering as quickly as it could be. And I was right! James has made valuable changes, identifying areas to improve in my day to day diet, but I can still eat the foods I enjoy.

I had always been conscious about eating too much and gaining weight, and that was causing me to not eat enough, with my muscles not recovering properly and actually losing muscle mass.

Since working with James he's helped me set realistic targets, supporting me throughout, and I'm seeing and feeling the great results. 

I've been eating more, gaining muscle mass, recovering properly and my body fat is the lowest its ever been.. a win win situation in my eyes!! The nutrition plan James has come up with is easy to follow, understand and implement . Thanks James, top man."- Jed Steer

"Over 8 weeks...I went from 56kg to 50.7kg and body fat of 23.4% to 16.9%"

"I commenced a 8 week fat loss programme starting on the 7th March whereby on a weekly basis, I was given my macronutrient targets and a specific weight training programme and varying cardio sessions which were specific to the main areas that I wanted to work.

On a weekly basis I would email the changes in my measurements and James would make any necessary amendments based on my progress and my ultimate goals … the upshot was that over the 8 weeks, although already very lean, I went from 56kg to 50.7kg and body fat of 23.4% to 16.9%, with improvements in muscle definition in my legs, abs, arms shoulders... well, all over really! 

After the fat loss phase, we then worked on a muscle building phase, focusing on some major compound lifts to build strength – I was really please that for someone who is relatively petite, I improved my free standing weighted squats from 30kg to 70kg, Sumo deadlifts from 40kg to 72kg and bench press from 25kg to 40kg)!

More importantly I learned how to balance my daily intake of protein, carbs and fats to get the results I wanted and also how to change this depending upon whether I was on fat loss phase or muscle building phase.

The great news is that although I have not worked on a programme with James since August and essentially continued alone, I have been able to maintain and improve on both my strength training and nutrition plan – that’s not to say that I haven’t ‘fallen off the wagon’ occasionally, however through the learning process I went through with James I have been able to get back on track in no time…. And learned not to beat myself up about it!

The nutrition advice was second to none, you can incorporate lots of flavours in your cooking AND still stay within your macronutrient guidelines! So all in all, I would highly recommend anyone to try out James to support you with your fitness and nutrition goals.

He’s extremely professional and knowledgeable in his field and it really works to be able to check in with your progress on a weekly basis to keep you on track and to ask any questions you may have (I kind of miss this bit!!). Four months after I have finished my second programme with James I have continued to build strength and muscle gain, I now weigh in at 51- 52kg with body fat around 17%, which I’m really pleased with.

I have told my friends about the experience and I would not hesitate to contact James again to help me with my fitness goals. Thank you James!"- Sarah

"in June 2016 and consequently lost almost 20lbs following the training and nutrition package"
"I debated for months whether to look for an online coach and now I wished I ahead done it earlier. After looking around at a lot of different online coaches, I was pointed in the direction of James's website. 

I read all of the testimonials and results of his clients and realised that he was going to be the person who could help me.

I got in touch with him, he responded really quickly. He just asked some basic questions about where my fitness and training was at that point in time, what it was I was trying to achieve and how we could potentially go about helping me. Total transparency from the the offset.

Together we decided that the best start would be a fat loss phase in order to lean out and get down to a really comfortable level of leanness before embarking on a muscle building phase.

James told me exactly what he would provide for me every single week, that he would always be there to listen to me if I had any queries, any problems with exercises, just generally being there in the capacity as an online coach.

I began my fat loss phase the very last week in June 2016 and consequently lost almost 20lbs following the training and nutrition package that James had designed specifically for me, how strong I was, and what my aim was which at that time was fat loss.

I concluded the fat loss phase at the end of December 2016 and I've never been so lean in my life. I am 37 and feel and look better than when I was 27!

Yes it took a lot of willpower and dedication on my part but I honestly believe that having support from James and thy accountability to someone other than myself with regards to nutrition and weight training, which to be fair I was pretty much a novice at, made all the difference.

I feel that I have been educated, motivated, and supported the whole way through. I can honestly say that I do not regret my decision to work with James with regards to my training goals. I am more knowledgable about nutrition, feel confident in the gym and generally happier as a person."- Louise Sore

"I have just finished a 12 week fat loss phase to which I was 20% body fat and now I'm down to my target of 10%"

"Before I began working with James I was never able to get my body fat % figure down to where I wanted it. 

I ate sensible and had a good understanding of the nutritional values of food.... Or at least I thought I did!

I did have a plan when I stepped into the gym but never managed to achieve the changes in body composition I desired.

I found James through social media and after looking through his site and reading through the various testimonials i decided to contact James although quite sceptical I really didn't feel I had anything to lose.

James gave me an initial assessment online to see if I were suitable for the process. His response to my initial mail was prompt and very professional. Working with James I have just finished a 12 week fat loss phase to which I was 20% body fat and now I'm down to my target of 10%.

The whole process has been an education and one that I have really enjoyed. James's knowledge and constant support is a credit to himself and his business. He is always available to answer any questions I may have. Everything is explained and made simple.

I would definitely recommend working with James to anyone who wishes to change the way they look and to gain the knowledge required to achieve and maintain this."- Jason

Online Client: Craig F. 12 week progress photos
"No foods were off limits...When people ask me how I achieved my results, I simply direct them to James' website"

"I had been training with weights for approximately 10 years and had a good knowledge and understanding of training and a wide range of exercises. 

However, it was my nutrition that I needed guidance on and also a structure to my training program that included progressive overload to achieve my goals.
Like many people I thought I knew what I was doing for all those years; however it would just appear that I was spinning my wheels. I followed the advice that the ‘bigger’ guys in the gym threw out, and it was when I discovered James’ website through social media I decided to look further into his services.

I read some of the free information James gives out along with looking at the testimonials other clients had left along with their results. I also knew some of the people James makes reference to in the fitness industry which told me he knew his stuff!! 

A few other things that appealed to me were that James practises the evidence based science approach to training and nutrition and also a flexible dieting approach.

Once I had contacted James, the process of putting everything in place to achieve my goals was fluid. I simply told him what I wanted to achieve and he explained how we would achieve it.

Everything was laid out so it was easy for me to understand and follow, but most of all he was honest and realistic with me in relation to the timescales to achieve my goals.

I am extremely happy with the end result.
I have achieved what I set out to do, but I have also learned a lot from James throughout the whole process which has increased my knowledge in both training and nutrition.

No foods were off limits as long as they fitted within my macronutrient targets. Believe it or not during the 22 week cutting phase, I had been out for dinner on numerous occasions, been to a wedding (and yes, I drank alcohol too!) and James was able to teach me how to enjoy these life events whilst staying on track to achieve my goals.

I cannot thank James enough for what he has helped me achieve, it has been an absolute pleasure working with him.

When people ask me how I achieved my results, I simply direct them to James' website where they can then see for themselves. I would also recommend his podcast which James has put out a lot of good information on." -Brian Steel
The first 4 grouped photos were taken before we started working together.
All photos below are of Client Brian Steel at the 22 week mark.

"James' knowledge is second to none and I have trusted him and his methods throughout the process and the results really show"

"I have worked with James for 18 weeks now and have just come out of my fat loss phase.

James' knowledge is second to none and I have trusted him and his methods throughout the process and the results really show.

I cannot recommend James enough. 

Pleasure to work with and look forward to seeing what the next stage brings."- Amy Calder

"Do what he tells you, as best and accurately as you can, and I am telling you that you will achieve what you want in a very short period of time"

"Having completed a Marathon at back end of 2013, my fitness levels quickly slackened as I got back into old eating habits and irregular training as I had no goal...I continued to be a slave to the treadmill but was blissfully unaware of how little it was doing for me.

I knew I needed to change things, but had no idea where to start so I worked 1:1 with two different personal trainers previously and spent what now seems silly money on getting no where fast and I was no nearer achieving my goal, at 40, of losing fat and gaining muscle to show what lay beneath.

I was on the brink of cancelling my gym membership when I saw JLF post an advert on Facebook. I read, was immediately interested but also very sceptical.

However, I had nothing to lose. I emailed James, who instantly provided me with everything that was needed to a) understand my goals and b) explain how we were going to achieve them....and now, I am beginning to understand where I was going so wrong and am enjoying some amazing results - ok with some hard work and self motivation too - but James is making things so easy.

Do what he tells you, as best and accurately as you can, and I am telling you that you will achieve what you want in a very short period of time.
Honestly, stop wasting your time and money.

Do it now. You won't look back. I haven't. THANK YOU JAMES!!"- Ben Astill

The first three photos were taken at the start of the process. 
All three photos below are Ben Astill at the 15 week mark.
After Ben completed his fat loss phase, we then transitioned into a muscle building phase. See below what Ben has achieved within the past 31 weeks.
“Hold On, James… There's So Much Here
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It's going to be a lot less than you think, trust me. It'll even be far less than it's actually worth.

Take a look at all I'm offering you…

Now close your eyes and think. Think really hard…how would it feel to actually feel to have your dream physique?

How much would that be worth to you?

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“How Much Would You Pay Now?”

You know… if you were to hire a personal trainer… depending on where in the world you are, you could pay £30-£70 per hour or more.

Train with him/her just 3 hours a week and you're looking at a 6 monthly bill of £2,160. That's £4,320 every single year.
Let's say you forget the trainer…

You buy of bunch of these expensive supplements every month. If you spend £100.00 per month on these, you're looking at £1,200 per year. And while there are a few supplements that will help you achieve your goals, there is no pill or powder that will magically give you the look you are after.

I won't charge you…

£4,320 like you'd pay a trainer for one year of
wasted time…

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I'll give you the whole “James Layton Fitness Inner Circle,” for just £19.99 per month.

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James Layton

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